Native plant restoration project

Jointly with the Bergen County Audubon Society (BCAS), we planted next to the greenhouse some 300 native plants (elderberry, button bush and viburnum) for habitat restoration lost through development. When the plants become large enough, they will all be installed permanently in public places, thus providing oases for migratory creatures. These oases, a place to rest and to eat will help to assure success in the long trips north and south and survival of those species.

The photo below, taken in April 2012, shows the "nursery" encircled by yellow tape and Greenhouse Director Len Schwartz walking along side. Each plant had a pink ribbon tied around the base; then the rows were covered by no-grow cloth. A hole punctured in the cloth allowed each shrub to be identified and pulled through into the light.

The entire field was covered with a thick layer of wood chips; the cloth and the chips slowed down the growth of weeds and grasses but did not prevent them entirely. The sign: Bergen County Audubon Society and Teaneck Garden Club Native Plant Restoration Project.


The photo below was taken in September, 2012. You can use Len or the sign to gauge how much the plants grew in five months.

Natives in Sept