Sustainable Gardening

The Garden Club of Teaneck invites the public to learn about Sustainable Gardening – eco-friendly lawn care, composting, recycling leaves (a nationwide program called “Leave the Leaves”),sustainable horticultural practices and more – from Elaine Silverstein, certified by the NYBG as a Sustainable Landscape Manager. Her presentation will be highly interactive.
“All of our suburban individual backyard properties IS the environment What we do in our backyards has a huge impact on the quality of our air, water, and soil and on the world we will pass on to our children.”
City girl Elaine once had over 200 houseplants in her NY apartment! Some 30 years ago, in Maine, she learned how a forest is put together, and was hooked. When she moved to Bergen County, by trial and error and reading a lot of books, she gradually created a native forest in her backyard (see above).
“Then I went to school and learned the practical skills I now use to help other people do the same thing [create sustainable landscapes]”.
Author of the column “Backyard Environmentalist” (Glen Rock Gazette and on, she blogs about gardening, nature, and sustainability at g/access from the lot up thFree; November 10, 2016; 7:00 pm; refreshments.
Rodda Center (Multipurpose room 2B), 250 Colonial Court (enter from Palisades Avenue), Teaneck, NJ.
Handicap parking/access from the lot up the hill, all the way at the back. No stairs to climb if using door by upper parking lot. e hill, all the way at the back. No stairs to climb if using door by