Honeybees: The Queen and Her City

queen bee

The Queen
and Her City
Joseph Lelinho, President of Hilltop Honey and in business 23 years, is the winner of many Blue Ribbons & Best-in-Shows at State Fairs.
This presentation includes:
Queen / Worker / Drone
Jobs of each
Development of the Queen & how she became the One and Only
Difference between the Female Queen and the Female Worker
What is a Swarm, Supercedure and
Emergency Cell
How and why to introduce a new Queen
Communications; Bee-to-Bee and
Finally the Bees in Winter
He will have a working Observation Hive to actually see the Workers, Drone and Queen – very similar to his Observation Hive at Liberty Science Center in Jersey City.
October 11. 2018; free
7pm refreshments. 7:30-8:30pm lecture.
Rodda Center (Multipurpose room 2B), 250 Colonial Court (enter from Palisades Avenue), Teaneck, NJ.
Handicap parking/access from the lot up the hill, all the way at the back. No stairs to climb if using door by upper parking lot.icap parking up the hill, in back, no stairs to climb.) Free; refreshments.