Community Programs

The Garden Club of Teaneck is active in township gardening and civic programs. Join us to learn and to have fun while making Teaneck a greener place to live.

  • Junior Garden Club of Teaneck (JGCT) - Due to Covid, status is uncertain until further notice.

  • Members of the Club donated produce from their gardens to the Food Pantry. Fresh tomatoes, peppers, beans, salad and more found their way to community tables.

  • Grace B. Kriegel Memorial Herb Garden - The herb garden is located between Teaneck Road and the back (non-entrance side) of the town library. It is a memorial to our esteemed club member, Grace Kriegel. Volunteers have maintained this garden for many years by weeding, planting new herbs and storing in the greenhouse non-hardy plants.

  • Gardening workshops for Hawthorned School Groups - Resumed with caution in 2022, approximately 350 students (plus teachers, aides) are taught by GCT Volunteers member/ teachers.
    The curriculum:

  • 1st grade: Life Cycle of a Seed;

  • 2nd Parts of a Plant and their Function;

  • 3rd Propagation;

  • 4th Herbs.
    At the end of the program, students may, for $1, buy a plant (some from members' own plants) propagated by GCT members expressly for the Hawthorne students.

  • Teaneck High School Scholarship Program - As a result of our fund raisers, the club proudly donates annually to this worthy cause.

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